Version numbers

Major version

The Acquisio APIs are versioned with a single number for major versions. The major version is included in the URL of the API and will be incremented when incompatible API changes are done.

Release notes

  • Each major version of an API has its own release notes.
  • Backward compatible changes made to an API are documented in the release notes.

Breaking changes

The following changes are considered breaking changes:

  • Adding a new mandatory field to a resource for which no default value can be set
  • Changing the type of a field
  • Renaming a field
  • Removing a field
  • Removing an endpoint
  • Changing the URL of an endpoint
  • Renaming an enum constant

The following changes aren’t considered breaking changes:

  • Adding an endpoint to an API
  • Adding a new field to a resource (if the field is optional or has a default value)
  • Adding a new optional query parameter with a default value (?parameter=value)
  • Adding a new error code (see Acquisio APIs Error Codes)