Acquisio APIs

Acquisio allows customers to programmatically provision and manage accounts by connecting to its platform with the Acquisio APIs. Customers can automate their customer relationship management (CRM) integration and reduce costs by allowing software to perform low value-add activities.

For more information about the Acquisio platform in general, please visit the main Acquisio website.

Launcher API

The Launcher API allows to launch new accounts that will have campaigns generated automatically.

Main features

  • Easy account creation with budgets personnalised for each client
  • Automatic campaign generation based on verticals selected by the user

Optimizations API

The Optimizations API allows to activate bid and budget management on provisioned Acquisio accounts.

Main features

  • Create or update automated budget management configuration
    • Set a recurring cycle budget
    • Enable automated rollover of over/underspent budget
    • Enable automated distribution of budget across Ad Platform accounts and groups
  • Enable automated bid management
    • Set an ideal initial bid constraint on groups
  • Report on historical performance

Provisioning API

The Provisioning API allows to provision and manage accounts.

The Provisioning API can be connected to a CRM. Every time a new customer is added, a piece of code is triggered letting the Acquisio system know to automatically import their data for ongoing management.

Main features

  • Connecting and managing client accounts
  • Importing existing campaigns
  • Cloning campaigns from AdWords to Bing Ads with the Power Cloner

Reporting API

The Reporting API allows to retrieve summary reports about the performance of accounts and campaigns.

Main features

  • Retrieve the aggregated or daily statistics for a given period (up to 400 days)
  • Reports can be generated for Acquisio accounts, Ad Platform accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads
  • Generate top reports (ex: Top 10 Campaigns) by sorting on one or many metrics
  • Monetary amounts can be converted to a specific currency
  • Markup can be enabled or disabled