Swagger Codegen libraries

OpenAPI/Swagger documentation

Acquisio is currently using the version 2.0 of the OpenAPI/Swagger specification to document APIs.

The OpenAPI/Swagger file of an Acquisio API has a stable URL that doesn’t change and is used to generate an API documentation page.

Each API documentation page has a link to download the OpenAPI/Swagger file.

Downloading the OpenAPI file of an API

Client SDKs with Swagger Codegen

The OpenAPI/Swagger file can be used to generate a client SDK with Swagger Codegen.

Swagger Codegen has currently some limitations:

  • Swagger Codegen doesn’t generate the code to retrieve, store and refresh OAuth 2.0 access token. The applications that use a SDK generated with Swagger Codegen need to pass a valid access token to the SDK.
  • Swagger Codegen doesn’t convert to an object the body of an error response. The body of the error response is stored as a JSON string. Issues have been opened at the GitHub repository of Swagger Codegen (ex: issue for Python).